Ambassadors for sustainability

21 November 2018

In 2013, as part of Origin Green, the national sustainability initiative for Ireland’s food and beverage industry,  Bord Bia (the Irish Food Board) introduced the Origin Green ambassador programme.

In the past five years, Origin Green ambassadors have completed over 70 placements with 45 leading organisations across the globe. Learnings gained from these placements have been invaluable in helping Bord Bia chart the ongoing evolution of the Origin Green programme. One of the biggest challenges facing the food and drink sector globally is how to balance the increasing need for food while managing the world’s finite resources in a way that ensures future generations will be able to meet their own needs. This global challenge requires everyone involved in the supply chain to play their part.


Three Origin Green ambassadors outline the impact of sustainability on business decision making


Host company: Dairy Sustainability Framework (DSF)

‘Globally, the dairy sector is faced with the same challenges and a collaborative, consolidated approach is needed to address these challenges. To have the dialogue needed to tackle these global issues, the sector needs data to underpin its sustainability messages and demonstrate that dairy is contributing to a more sustainable global food system. Through the Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme (SDAS) and the Sustainability Charter, Origin Green is demonstrating the continuous improvement of the Irish dairy sector across the entire supply chain.’


Host company: M&S

‘Farmers and suppliers who are members of Origin Green are independently accredited and verified as meeting a robust set of animal health and welfare standards, as well as high standards of sustainable, responsible and traceable sourcing and production. M&S requires complete supply chain traceability and can rely on the Origin Green audit process as confirmation that these requirements are met.’


Host company: Carbon Trust

‘Within the Carbon Trust, Origin Green is considered a leader in the food and drink sector considering there was no knowledge of another programme like it. They were particularly interested in how Origin Green measures supply-chain emissions and how this could help businesses improve their carbon footprint. The Carbon Trust continues to work with Bord Bia to strengthen the assessments with regular reviews of the sustainable dairy and beef audit and reporting processes while also providing advice on new metrics for measuring livestock sustainability.’

 Read the full article, ‘Ambassadors for sustainability’ to learn how the Origin Green ambassador programme is helping to impart the insights of the sustainability priorities and practices of some of the world’s leading food & drink organisations in Irishfood Magazine Issue 5 (page 30).

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