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About the company

Errigal Bay, founded in 1962, provides premium quality shellfish products from the purest Atlantic waters to a global market of leading retailers, wholesalers and foodservice companies.

Key Sustainability Commitments

Responsible Sourcing:

Errigal Bay has been a founding member of Fishery Improvement Plans for Brown Crab, Prawn and Queen Scallops, which are overseen by the Global NGO Sustainable Fisheries Partnership. These plans focus on the sustainability of the fisheries to protect their stocks for generations to come and enhance the ecosphere.

Under our Origin Green plan, we set yearly targets for increasing shellfish volumes procured from fisheries covered by FIPs. Our suppliers are also involved in a variety of conservation methods including tag and release, live returns and our facilities are open to the Marine Institute for data collection.

Errigal Bay operates two facilities, one in Donegal and one in Wexford, both of which are powered from renewable sources

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