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Origin Green members span a variety of food and drink sectors ranging from dairy and horticulture to meat, seafood and prepared foods.

Before a company can become an Origin Green member, they must first prepare a sustainability plan setting out targets in three key areas; the sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing processes, and social sustainability.

Raw Materials Sourcing

A core requirement for verified Origin Green members is to include at least one raw material sourcing target in their sustainability plan. Suggested targets include a commitment to source from suppliers with recognised certifications and the development of sustainability initiatives with suppliers.

Manufacturing Processes

Companies must set and achieve a minimum of three targets in the area of manufacturing processes and operations. Targets areas include energy, water, waste, emissions, and biodiversity. 

Social Sustainability

The social environment is now considered to be just as important as the physical environment; therefore, social sustainability is at the forefront of a sustainable company's sustainability plan.

Targets in this area typically include health and nutrition, community initiatives, and employee wellbeing.