What is Origin Green?

About the Programme

Origin Green is the world’s first food and drink sustainability programme operating on a national scale, uniting government, the private sector, farmers and food producers.

Independent accreditation and verification are built into every stage of the supply chain. Accreditation at farm-level is provided to ISO: 17065 and Carbon Trust (PAS 2050), while food and drink manufacturers are independently verified by international auditors, Mabbett.


Measuring Sustainability

The Origin Green programme operates across the full supply chain, from farms to food and drink manufacturers. It provides Ireland’s food and drink industry with an infrastructure to measure and guide the improvement of their sustainability performance.

Across Ireland, almost 800 independent farm audits take place each week. Sustainability criteria measured during these audits include greenhouse gas, biodiversity, animal welfare, traceability, water measures, energy efficiency, and soil management.

To become an Origin Green member, food and drink manufacturers must first sign up to the Origin Green Manufacturing Sustainability Charter. Companies work with the Charter to set meaningful and measurable sustainability goals across key target areas. These are raw materials sourcing, manufacturing processes, and social sustainability. Goals are set out in a 3-5 year plan which is independently verified by Mabbett, an international auditing body.


Alignment with the United Nations Sustainability Goals

The United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (UNSDGs) are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. Origin Green aligns itself with the UNSDGs. In addition, Origin Green companies are aligning their sustainability commitments to this important global agenda.


The Origin Green programme aligns with the nine following UNSDGs